Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daily Post

Unfortunately, I was unable to post yesterday, due to myself reformatting my whole laptop. I finally got a new battery for it, so now I can actually use it as a laptop! Before I reformatted, my whole hard drive was one XP partition. Now, I got Ubuntu running, plus I have two different versions of XP, one for important things, like school and programming, and the other I guess...for games? I don't know yet. But I AM excited about actually using Jaunty Jackalope.

Yesterday I picked up Mr. Penya from the metro and dropped him off. I went to the gym for like an hour, and then went to IHOP with Matt, Milton, and Jeremy P. I stopped by Matt's house for a bit and watched them mess with Facebook, and finally played with some Nazi zombies.

Today I went to Sports Fit with Mark N., where we got to play tennis. Unfortunately we were cut short because the court was reserved. Mark showed me his arm workout...perfect timing, as I just did them the day before. It killed me, but it felt kinda good. We picked up Val from work, and ate at Pot Belly. We then went to a DC United soccer game. It rained hard for a bit, but it stopped. We got to see a full rainbow too. DC United beat the NJ Barons, 2-0. I chilled at the Nagrampa's house for a bit and got to see Milton and Mike. I'm now considering if I could...or should, go to Assateague tomorrow.

Thoughts? Hmm...I gotta make up my mind.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daily Log

I missed biblestudy, and then led the people who weren't going to the retreat meeting to btc. I ate subway. We all walked around for a bit, and then went to the spot. I played basketball, and met a little kid named Andre who wanted to play with us. I tried to make a deal with him, that if he made a freethrow shot, he'd be able to play with the "big boys." He made it on his first shot. I ended the day with talking about lots of things at the Wulff's house (not Ed's, not Matt's). Good times good times.

Thoughts? My mind is becoming more and more unlocked!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Recap

This week has been okay. I've been studying various things, from the usual nihongo while I drive, to Java and MySQL, to a lesson about antichrists (yes, plural) in 1 John 2, to some piano and some songs. I'm enjoying to learn a bunch of things, and hope it'll stick with me and that I would eventually have the chance to use these skills. Unfortunately I didn't get the internship because they were already one week in and did not have money, but I'm still motivated to study, now even more. Maybe next time I won't be in Cali and I'd have more time to focus. I'll be teaching Kuya Alan some guitar, so hopefully some day he could lead worship while playing guitar, although I think it'll take a good amount of time. I remember myself struggling so much at first, but now my hand does the work for me so I could think more about what I'm singing. Actually, today was supposed to be our first lesson, but he was...stuck in traffic or something. Consequently I missed my chance to go to Artomatic in DC, but I spent the time at the Wulff's killing zombie nazis.

Thoughts? I'm motivated to learn.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Log

I didn't really sleep. Last night I had to pick up my brother from Reagan, but his flight was delayed. I picked him up around 1:30, got home around 2 somethin somethin, and then looked up a little about interviews. I was on the couch and was unfortunately unable to sleep well, and to make things worse, my dad wakes up early to go to work. When I kinda got up, I tried to print out my resume for this internship interview that I had, but unfortunately my printer is broken. I drove to my cousin's house and printed out there, got to the interview, and everything went aight from there. Well there was a small choke up: I was asked about the difference between an abstract class and an interface, and also things about inheritance. My answer wasn't sufficient. I gotta go over what I studied, and hopefully I could catch up.

It's times like these where it's easy to forget about God and rely on human strength. We need to trust in the Lord with all our heart, lean not on our own understanding, and in all ways, through great times and through hard times, acknowledge Him, and He will make our paths straight. I wasn't that stressed out, but it stinks how things seem to work out at the moment it happens.

Thoughts? I'm studying. I'm gonna be studying the whole summer. Yay!

Another random pic. My cousin getting ready to assassinate someone.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Month Recap

Well apparently I haven't upload any pictures, or posted any posts for over a month now. As I predicted when I created this blog, the posts would become daily, to every other day, to weekly, to monthly. I suppose the next post would be next year? Who knows. Anyway, a recap.

I went to Cali two weeks ago. From the airport, we went to...Chinese buffet, international market where we bought a bunch of mangos, Ross, Walmart, some yogurt place, then finally to my uncle's house. We then went to my brother's house, where I got to meet his roommates, then I went to get boba and meet with my cousin's friends, then crashed a study session at my cousin's church just to chill...everyone was studying for their finals. We went to some house and I met more people. Stayed til 3, which is 6 EST...intense first day.

As for the rest of the days, I went to Disney Land for free cause my cousin works there. We also stayed at a Marriott for an undisclosed price...my cousin got a great hookup. I got to see Jen's place. They're pretty messy for girls...even I could do better. We got to see a friend in LA for a bit. I got to drive back to SD halfway cause my cousin got tired. The roads there physically suck...it's just the base, which entails a very bumpy ride. Traffic is strange too; I go 70 mph, then suddenly I stop. Then I go back to 70, then screech on the brakes to stop. No accidents at all. On Saturday I went to Body Rock, a dance competition including groups such as Kaba Modern, Boxcuttahs, So Real, Choreo Cookie, and Poreotics. I suck at dancing, but now I'm inspired to learn. Sunday I went to church with my bro. Monday I flew back...stopped by Phoenix, AZ for two hours. I wish I could've visited Linda...she's like 25 minutes away. But she probably would've been sleeping or playing WOW. Then I went home.

Last week I just helped with an all nighter for the youth in my church. We went through 1 John 2:1-17...four intense lessons, except for Kuya John's lesson; it was pretty much straight-forward. We learned about obeying God's commands with the right motive, which is love. We also looked how our actions should follow what we preach. If we say that we are in the light yet walk in darkness, we phail. I don't think that's an exact quote, but it's something like that. So we do good works not to be saved, but to prove our love for God. We had plenty of games...the most intense one was hide and seek in the dark; Matt Wulff and I were running everywhere. Oh, and the microphone effects are awesomely scary.

I helped with the music yesterday. It's encouraging to hear the church raise their voices in unison (or sometimes just make a joyful noise). Next week we plan to have the youth join in to help with the Sunday music. As for today, I got to study for some internship. I have an intense few weeks ahead of me. I hope I don't lag too far behind...

Thoughts? I feel like jumping on pianos and smashing guitars.

An old pic of Kuya John's basketball game, where he got crushed. Very unfortunate. "Wala!"