Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly Update

I taught the second part of antichrists on Thursday. I somehow ended with...learn everything. I went with Kuya John to get him to sign up for black membership at my gym. My cousin Joe came on Thursday night. Very random. I slept over Gele's house on Friday night. We walked around in the darkness. The literal kind. I think I scared some of them as I walked slowly like a zombie, while everyone was blinded by some light, and could only see a figure in the shadows moving in an awkward pattern. It was my birthday on Saturday. It was the first time I actually got a free slurpee. My bro taught biblestudy, about Matthew 5 and being poor in spirit. Afterward half of us went to downtown Annapolis and ate at Tsunami. Tofu is pretty good. I also got some ice cream. On Sunday everyone met up at VBFM...apparently most of the youth didn't go to HTY. We played basketball and tennis at the park. The Gatdulas also came by. We went to Rita's afterward, and I got what I always get, strawberry shortcake blendini. yumyumyum. We went to BTC Barnes and Nobles for a bit, and then took people home.

It's late. Gnite


  1. birthday gift will be belated =)

  2. no thanks, I didn't get you one, cause I guess I banned myself from getting gifts...I suck at it. so no need to get one

    but if you already have it, I'd gladly accept it =)