Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daily Log

Washed car. Mowed lawn. Picked up Liz and went to practice. Had BBS. Played a little basketball. Went with Mike to Friendly's. Too many people, so we headed to the Garalde's house. Jeremy P. had to go home, so I went with him. Had some Chik-Fil-A. Got dropped off at HTY. Went home. My dad's bday today. My bro got him a hammock. Thoughts? It's late. I'm gonna sleep now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Daily Log

Yesterday, Comcast was acting up, so I was unable to post. I went to class, went to pick up Tony Dong, then went to bbs at Mike's house. We had a little meeting, and then went to Chik-Fil-A to take some heat. Went back to Mike's house, then went to gas up, and finally dropped of the Castelos.

Today, I got to see Brittnaaay, whom I haven't seen for like...a year. She introduced me to the anime club. They seemed like pretty chill people. I also got to see Tasha for a second. I brought Brittnayy (aka Yuki, by her club) to get Chik-Fil-A. Met a Brandon, Denise, Joseph...and I forgot the rest of the names. Went to btc and chilled at Music and Arts. My friend's mom who works there had to go home early because someone broke into their house. I went to deposit a check, and then went to Panera, where I saw Kuya Alan, and ate with him. Went to practice. Tina came by, so we went to Applebees to check up on Kish Kish. Saw Mary there too. Went to Ruby Tuesday's, but heard the Milton wasn't working. Went back to Applebees and got some...desserts and drinks. Dropped everyone off home...I felt like a taxi driver. Went to TenRens to see Matt Billy and Josh Kurikeishu, and then got some drinks and went home. Got to see my parent's new SUV that they bought today, a 2009 Rav 4. And that was my day.

Thoughts? My bro spoils me too much. He's paying for my tick to atf. And Tita Caroline spoils me too. I hear that she might pay for my tick to a Hillsong concert. I get spoiled too much. But I'm very grateful!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Log

Went to Bowie. Watched HTY practice. Went to the gym. Went to JM's house. Fixed computer. At home. Watching Shippuden, checking where they're at in the anime. About to sleep. Gnite.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Log

Great weather during the morning. Studied outside on my deck for a test. Got to see Joan on campus. Went to class. Took the test. Weather turned deadly...I saw thunder strike before my eyes...which blinded me on the road. The rain was heavy...I couldn't see the lines. Went to Johnmark's house. Dropped off guitar and shoes. Installed SP3 for his comp. Went to btc and got some deadly chocolate icecream, then went to Barnes and Nobles and read some manga. Saw a living room. Went home. Ate bread. Thoughts? Congrats!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily Log

Yesterday I went to church. Stephen and his family came after service was over. I got to meet...Victoria and Isabella? And his parents. We broke an airhogs airplane. I went jamming on the piano with Myrrh. I went to drop off something at btc for my friend Kitty. Went to pick up Kisha, Mary, Tina...and a dog, and went to the park. Played basketball. Phailed as usual. Went to Chipotle at btc. Ran over Andrew's foot. Actually, I didn't run over it...I stopped my car on top of it for a good 10 seconds. Went to get gas and kinda got locked out of my car. Went to drive around. Did some driving practice. Went home.

Today I did some homework. I picked up Rico and went to the gym. We went to Chik-Fil-A. Dropped Rico at home. And now I'm home.

Thoughts? My arms hurt. I can't move them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daily Log

Ironed clothes. Picked up Rico and Liz and went to TREE. Went to McDonalds and then went to Tina's house. Dropped off the Nobles and DeAndre. Thoughts? I think it's an awful idea to overlook things and pretend that it didn't happen, in hopes that it won't happen again. It always just seem to get worse and worse if left alone. We gotta stay proactive in fixing the problem as soon as possible, in order to help prevent it from happening again. But as a Filipino, our culture doesn't like to speak up. We need to be heard.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Log

Got only four hours of sleep. Yawn. Took my bro to the endoscopy center. Went home. Picked him up. Went home. Went to Matt's house. Went to btc to pick up Cynthia and got some Chipotle and went to Allen's Pond and walked and talked and walked some more. Dropped her off back at btc. Went to pick up my cousin Noel. Took him to Grace Baptist. Went to VBFM for practice. Went to Liz's house. Saw adults through the windows, so didn't go inside. Went to McD's to meet up with Jeremy D. and Myrrh. Went back to Liz's house and went inside. Ate a bunch of fudge cookies. Took a nap on a bunch of chairs. Took Jeremy P. home. Took the Nobles home. Took myself home. About to get on the phone now.

Thoughts? Even though this is a pretty concise summary of my day, it's still kind of long. This has been a long day. Yawn. But it's been a great day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daily Log

I woke up in the morning from a barking aunt brought Bungie inside our house and it made so much noise...oh well. I got to finish plenty of schoolwork today. I went to Bowie for sec, and then went to Mike's house, had bbs, went to Chik-Fil-A, took the heat, went back to Mike's house, and now I'm home. Thoughts? I've learned to not give too much incriminating details online. I'm just going to recap my day in a very basic manner. And I'm also grateful for friends to keep me on a good path. It really shows that they care, and that's the quality I love in a true friend, someone who would tell me something personally without gossiping about it with everyone else. Other than that, I had a good day. =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daily Log

Today I woke up a little early to pick up some tax paperwork. I went straight home. I watched over my grandma. I did school homework and projects. That was my day. Yawn.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Log

Today I went to the gym and met up with Rico, Mike, Emilio, and Jeremy P., and we worked out for...a while. We then headed to Danny's and were a little bummed out because of the $8 minimum charge for credit cards, which in the state of MD is illegal to have a minimum the last time I checked...but I don't want to argue about it with them. I got a foot long crab cake sub, and only finished half of it. Right now I'm in class, talking about arrays.

Thoughts? I hope the other half of my sub is okay in the car. I miss it. I'm also thinking about my thoughts, and realized my thoughts are about what I'm thinking of what my thoughts are. My head hurts.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Daily Log/Easter Recap

Yesterday was a long day. I woke up really early for Easter service. It was a little different; there were two services, one for sermons and one for music. Both Pastor Kohl and Pastor Tohbie praught...or preached. Amazingly, they didn't go over or under their time limit. Pastor Kohl said something interesting about a certain day for a king to be...indited? I guess that's the word. Anyway Jesus was given a robe, a scepter, and a crown...although the crown was made of thorns. Then again I usually don't take notes so I forget everything. After the first service, we had breakfast. Then we went back for the second service and sang a bunch of songs. Then...lunch? I was still full from breakfast. I jammed with Milton and stuff. I went with Johnmatt to HTY and chilled there for a bit. Then I went to get gas by myself and then met up with everyone at the spot. I was sucking at basketball...missing all my I just started jogging around. I realized that it's not that motivating to run without a running partner. After chilling at the spot, I dropped off Johnmatt, dropped off Stephen, and went home.

Today was uneventful...which is actually a good thing. I need to take a breath or two. I jogged around my neighborhood a to see things that I've never seen before. But again, it was kind of boring by myself. Yawn. Billy was with his dad doing "business." I'm currently doing a programming project, and hopefully afterward I could head to the gym with Jeremy Dinio.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daily Log

I woke up today. After I woke up, I got out of bed. Once I got out of bed, I stretched a bit, and started to walk my way upstairs. I took one step on a stair, then I took another, and then I took even more steps! I went to the kitchen. I took some antibiotics. I also realized today that people do read this thing, even though I get like one reply. I ate breakfast...I believe it was Cheerios, which may help lower cholesterol. I ate it with milk, and although it didn't fill me, it satisfied my hunger.

I recorded a song with my brother today...I was playing around, yet my brother still posted the video on Facebook. But it's aight, I guess. I went to pick up Stephen from his dorm in UMCP, and then picked up Rico from his house. We went to church and practiced. I got to talk to random people...interesting day, people just keep pulling me aside to talk about something. But I suppose it's a good thing, I wouldn't have it any other way. So yeah, we had Biblestudy continuing Matthew 5, which is about fulfilling the law, murder, adultery, and marriage. Probably more, but that's all that's coming on my mind. I got to meet Emily and Luke, both awesome people. Well at least for the little small talk that we had. Maybe I'll see them again, who knows. We went to Pizza Hut and had a mix up with our payments. My cousin Joe talked to Mary, and thought her stripper name was LaFawndia, but it's actually Jade. I had extra money, but Jade wasn't on her shift, so maybe next time. Just maybe. After that we chilled in the parking lot...and no cops came this time! A few of us went to Kisha's house and played some Naruto. Now I'm home...I missed the chance to go to the BP with Jeremy. Sigh. There will be a next time...hopefully. Now I'm home...just ate some ice cream, and now I have to sleep early because I'll be waking up early. Gnite.

Thoughts? I wonder when is Jade's next shift...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Daily Log

I woke up with my mouth still in pain. My aunt came back from the Philippines today and brought some food. I went to pick up my antibiotics at CVS...I'm like two days late, but oh well. I went to Bowie and jogged with Tina through some random trail. Everybody in Bowie is so nice...just a smile or a wave, and they would respond in a similar manner. After running, we picked up a trashcan from the house and practiced some driving at the Bowie Baysox Stadium for Tina's driving test. Everything looks good...she'll pass the test easily. I think she could parallel park better than me. Afterward we jammed at her house...I know how to play the cello now! Well at least the C major scale. And Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! I also got to see awesome paintings throughout the house. After that I went to ateh Wenmae's house and got to see Theleah. She was playing Mario Party with Luis. I then went to Mike's house and ate there. We had biblestudy on James 1:9-11, which is about being literally rich or poor. Interesting discussions. Basically, having more money can be an obstacle, or relating to the other lessons, they are trials set before us. Especially in our culture, we rely on money so much that it would be hard to rely on God to carry us through. After biblestudy, we played pool and made some towers with dominos. Now I'm home...about to sleep.

Thoughts? My thoughts are fleeting me by the second. Per'aps I will never unlock my own mind. Oh...friendship came across my mind. A friend called me up, and asked me for some advice. Being a friend isn't just giving the advice, but also sympathizing and giving a shoulder to cry on. So yeah...sigh...friendship is hard work.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daily Log

I woke up in the morning because I got cold, so I got another comforter and put it on top of my bed. It was so comfy. I slept well. I dropped off my prescriptions at CVS...I wonder if I really need to take the medication. Afterward, I went to pick up Rico. It was hard getting him out, because his mom and aunt were in the driveway and I didn't want to beep the horn or knock on the door while they were there. We headed to the Crofton bowling alley and met up with Matt, Myrrh, Kisha, Mary, and Tina, and we bowled two games. Well...kinda sorta. Afterward we went to BTC minus Myrrh, because she had to be at practice at 6PM. I got a spinach was yum. We all went to DEB and looked at some shoes, but unfortunately I didn't find any my size. I saw Jernie and Jensen and their friend...Deonte? I went to church for Sunday practice...we're doing like eight songs for Easter. Afterward Mike and I went to Matt's house, just to find a bunch of cars over at Lizelle's house. We went across the street and chilled at Lizelle's house for a while. And now I'm home, and was jamming to a song with my brother called Trouble, by Coldplay. Very simple. And I don't really like Coldplay. But it was aight.

Thoughts? My mouth stopped bleeding. But unfortunately it's starting to hurt. Other than that...I wanna get something to eat. Nothing really on my mind right now. Yawn.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Log

Got two wisdom teeth extracted today (the other two were done like two years ago...never got around to the others 'til today). I went to Matt's house and played a little Halo 3, sucking badly. I'm videogame deprived...I'm losing my gaming skills. I went to the HTY practice and saw Angie and Myrrh chillin on some chairs. Afterward I went with Jeremy and Rico to Chik-Fil-A and got some soup. I didn't know that they had soup. Now I'm home...the pain in my mouth isn't as bad as I expected it to be...although it still hurts a bit. I'll probably just sleep it off and fully recover my HP. So for now, gnite.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daily Log

Woke up around 11. Went to go running at Allen's Pond with Tina at 4...went only two laps cause Tina has a track meet tomorrow and shouldn't overwork herself the day before. We got some Orange Julius at BTC afterward, and drove around. I drove to Joseph Neil's driveway and watched them play some basketball. I think dropped Tina off and headed to Jeremy Dinio's house and stayed for a bit. I later met up with Rico and Matt at the gym, and then we went to Matt's house and ate some great leftovers.

Tomorrow I'm going to have two of my wisdom teeth extracted (the other two were already extracted a while ago.) I'm getting local anesthesia, which means it'll hurt a loooooot. I can't wait!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Log

These past two weeks of blogging is showing something interesting. I'm not posting on Sundays, although I DO want to post every day. Since this is becoming the norm, I guess I'll stick to it.

Yesterday has been a long day, just like the past few days. Jeku, Marker, and I went to VBFM, each using our different vehicles. I thought I had to teach because I was told last week that I would, but...nope! HTY had a joint service with Redeemer, so Matt and Jeremy P. came by.

I went back into the sanctuary and listened to a guest preacher. It was about understanding our problems and how we could win over them. It was on 2 Corinthians 4:7-12. I think it ties perfectly with our youth group's study on James, which is about counting our trials all joy, and seeking wisdom if we lack any. People who are in hard times are perfect candidates for miracles.

Afterward, I went with Jeremy P. to get some drinks at 7-11, and Jeku and Rico went to follow behind us, thinking that we were heading to the park. Jeremy and I walked inside Outback Steakhouse to try and trick the others where we were headed to. It didn't really work...they met up with us inside 7-11. We got our drinks and headed to the spot...the park. We played basketball, and I played a little tennis, and also helped very little with logarithms for Hannah's homework. Afterward we all went to Saigon and I got an A5 small. I went to the Nagrampa's house to play some Melee and make some Radwimp songs on the guitar with Milton, then went downstairs and slept on the couch.

Today, Monday, has been yet another long day. I woke up around 7 something because of the coldness. Someone put a blanket on nice. I went upstairs to practice some Melee, only to be greeted by Mark Nagrampa, who made the game not fun again...although I did learn some stuff. I went back to sleep downstairs after watching Enchanted. I went to Matt's house and jogged twice around his block, as I waited for him to finish cooking his food. He cooked good food...fried rice with some left over steak, and some corn beef with onions. Yum. After that we watched Yes Man. Good movie. After that we went to Planet Fitness, and Mike and Milton followed afterward. I signed dollar signup fee, plus $10 per month. Awesome stuff. I just have to remind myself to leave before October, in order to avoid the $29 annual fee.

Thoughts? I just had a bunch of loooooong few days. I need to take a breath or two. Yawn. I'm sleepy now. Hopefully I don't sleep over 13 hours again.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily Log

Looooooooong day. Woke up around 7, went to Bowie to pick up Kisha, Mary, and Myrrh, and then headed to the metro. There was a long line, but the other guys were at the front already. I also helped out Irene and Eric and their friend...I forgot her name. We went to DC and saw the parade...the best part of it was seeing Alex Trebek. That made my day. After that, we headed to the Sakura Matsuri festival. I wandered around...went to see some judo. Wandered around some some suave cherry blossom body wash, and passed the offer on the free hand massage. Tried to look for dongos...apparently Jeku and I passed it several times. Jeku and I didn't want to wait in these long we went to the food court to eat some gyros. Yeah, gyros for a Japanese fest is awesome. I saw a man...girl...girly man...maybe a girl...playing a sax inside the food court. Really relaxing. Afterward we headed our separate ways; Matt and Jeku went to see the cherry blossoms, while I got to see Ai Kawashima. Afterward I saw American Shorthair perform, and I asked a question in the Q&A session, but apparently it was already asked. Oh well. I went to our meeting spot: the obelisk, then headed to see Mark G., then went back to the obelisk. We went back on the Metro.

I went to take Myrrh home, then went to Bowie Town Center...I ordered a strawberry Julius, which was introduced to me by Tina. Matt, kuya John, Mary, Tina and I bothered Mike as he got off work. I dropped off Kisha at work. We went back to btc. I saw Yip on his lunch break. I then went to drop Mary off at Outback Steakhouse, with Aaron, Milton, Jeremy, and Tina. I headed to Rockville to eat authentic ramen with Jeku and my brother. It was yum. We also got some green tea snowball with red bean stuffs. After that, I headed home. Now I'm just yawning, trying to finish this blog.

Thoughts? Some days I just wish I had someone to hold. It was windy today, so it'd probably keep me warm. But good thing I'm blessed with great friends. They could keep me warm too.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily Log

So Thursday night was great. I went to the Porter's house; Myrrh taught Bible study on James 1:5-8, which is about asking for wisdom. Afterward, we ate for Kuya Allan's birthday. MJ let me borrow his Heelies, so I'm hoping I could be pro with them when he comes back from Florida. I slept over Mark R.'s house; Jeku came there from NC.

Today...technically yesterday, was a long day. After Meleeing with Jeku, Marker, and Rico, I went jogging with Jeku. The hill got me. But I'm looking forward to more hills. One day I'll defy gravity. We then went our separate ways. I went to some church in Clinton, and my church performed for their street ministry service. Great stuff. I went to Lizelle's house for Biblestudy, but I left before anything happened because Marker and Jeku are sleeping over my house right now. So here I am preparing for tomorrow, the Cherryblossom festival. I just want to get some nice sushi. And maybe I could pop that Hello Kitty float. That'd be fun, seeing Hello Kitty flying over DC.

Thoughts? None that I can think of right now.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daily Log

Yesterday I ran! I went a little more than 2 miles, but I was with Billy so we went at a slower pace. Afterward, I actually got to go inside his house for the first time. I found out where his back problems happen. I then headed to Liz's house and jammed a bit with JM, Lizelle, and Leanne. Then Johnmark and I went to Pasadena and played basketball with James. I learned some lay up stuff. We finished the day with eating some Popeyes.

Today I woke up around 9 from a call, then went back to sleep. I woke up around 12. I'm sad. The good thing is that my professor let me skip today. Woot. Well time to get things done.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Devotions: Exodus 15:22-18

Today I decided to read that I forgot about in the Bible, trying to fill in the gaps so I'd get the bigger picture. I looked through an outline in Exodus, and decided to read chapters 15 to 18, which is about Israel complaining and Jethro giving Moses advice.

15:22-27 is about Israel lacking drinking water. I think that a person could only last about three days max without water. In v.22, it said they went three days with no water. They went to a place called Marah, but the water wasn't good for drinking. If I was an Israelite at that time, I'd be pissed off, or rather dying of thirst. I'd be mad at Moses for taking me out of Egypt where there was plenty of drinking water, only to die in the wilderness. But because the Israelites were complaining, God provided, telling Moses to...cast a tree into the water to make it sweet? The most important part of this passage is that they eventually came to a place called Elim, which had all the water that they needed. So if the Israelites DID trust in God to provide, they would have drank at Elim.

Chapter 16 was Israel complaining about food. Yum. God provided by...raining down Manna, or bread, from the heavens during the mornings, and also providing quail in the evenings. V.6-8 shows that Moses and Aaron agree that they're nothing. They told Israel, "Who are we, that you complain against us?" Israel is not complaining against them, but against the LORD Himself. In v.27-30, some people tried to gather some Manna during the Sabbath, just to find nothing. This disobedience led the LORD tell Moses, "How long do you refuse to keep My commandments and My laws?" So not only did those few people become responsible for their disobedience, but Israel corporately had the blame.

Chapter 17 was about water again. The LORD told Moses to strike a rock, that water may come out of it. The rest of the chapter is about Moses defeating te Amalekites. The Israelites prevailed when Moses took his rod and held up his hands.

Chapter 18 is about Jethro's advice to Moses. It's very practical. Basically Moses told Jethro about what has been happening, that whenever Israel was in a struggle, they came to him for guidance. Jethro said that it would eventually be too burdensome, and suggested that Moses should find able men with qualities such as these: fear God, men of truth, hates coventousness. These men were to lead groups of people, from tens of people to thousands of people. So basically, instead of millions of people going to Moses for advice, the burden would be separated toward these new leaders.

Thoughts: Did you know that Manna means "What?" The Israelites didn't know what it was, so they just called it...what?