Friday, May 15, 2009

Daily Log

Went to Chipotle then went to the Nagrampa's house for Bible study. Unfortunately, Mike was knocked out when I got there, but fortunately for me, I got time to eat my food. We started 1 John. Talked about the importance of Jesus being an actual, physical, human being. Without being a human, he couldn't die, and if he couldn't die, then we would never be saved. Also talked about gnosticism and how everything is evil, and Jesus being human would make him evil, and thus gnosticism ultimately claims that God is evil, which is actually the complete opposite of the definition of evil. We played a game afterward..."Get some!" "You can't do that!" "Baa!" Afterward, I went with Tita Marie to the gym...which I really needed. A successful day felt guuuud. Oh, and the Lakers lost for the money. Game 7! Not that I keep up with sports...

1 comment:

  1. Good times! =D
    .... and I totally dont know where the first "Get Some!" came from, when I blurted it out wahaha!