Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Week Recap

My two weeks of silence has been interesting. I'll see what I could remember.

April 27 - Got an email from my professor saying that I couldn't retake a test that I missed. Turned my A into a B. Also was the last time I went, it's been a while. I went around Whitemarsh with Tina. Then I went to the gym with Matt and later on Jeremy D.

April 30 - I think...I went to Yami Yami and met up with some of the guys, including Christian. Went to class afterward. Went to class and then Biblestudy at Mike's house. Myrrh taught and also had a quiz about...animal facts? Jeanette came...haven't seen her for a while. I think people were saying pickup lines, while I was just chillin on the piano.

May 1 - Went to practice. Played Adonai. Went to Taco Bell and then ate at church while everyone else went to watch X-Men Wolverine.

May 2 - Went to pick up Jernie and Jensen and headed to TREE. I got Danny's with Jeremy P. and then we headed to the Nagrampas to watch the Pacquiao Hattan fight. I felt a little sorry for Hattan.

May 3 - Went to church. Learned some Korean. Went to Friendly's. Went to pick up Tina from BTC. Played base tag at the church.

May 5 - I think...I went to Yami Yami with Billy? Talked about Excalibur, Atlantis, the Garden of Eden, and slaying angels. Went to school and took a final. Went to Jeremy D.'s house to head to the gym. I got all dizzy, so I didn't work out that much. Went to Subway...Jeremy D. treated me. Woot.

May 7 - Hectic day. As I was finishing my project, I saw more instructions online, so I had to go back to change things. I worked hard on it too. Sigh. I didn't get to go to Biblestudy. Sigh.

May 8 - First day of Acquire the Fire. Took an hour to get to Mark G.'s house, so I kinda got everyone late, plus we made a circle in and out of Baltimore which added about 15 mintues...but not really because we didn't miss anything. I learned that drowning is not good for you...forgot the context. We were also born dead. And we shouldn't mix up our wants with our needs, or vice versa. Got to see David Crowder. The bass in the place was pumpin too...I feel it even when I stepped outside. The best part was meeting the VA group. Cool, chill people. Went to their hotel afterward and ate their food...they offered, so we couldn't deny it! It's great being Filipino. I also got a chance to jam on the awesome piano in the lobby. We went to Mark's house and I stayed up til 3. I slept with Rhea, or whatever her name is. She kept my legs warm.

May 9 - Second and final day of ATF. Broke up the guys and girls. Said hi to Pastor Wayne from Praise and Thunder. Walked to the Inner Harbor and ate some Chipotle. I ate too much...Lizelle couldn't finish her food. We went a concert? People were trying to crowd surf, but it was stopped fast. We had another break...I was still full. For the last part of ATF, I wandered around outside while they had a play and lots of music. I was on the phone with Jeremy P., as he was in Panera. I also got to talk to people out in the hall.

May 10 - I woke up at 8, but it was cold, so I went under my blankets and went back to sleep. Woke up at 11, realized that I was late for church, so I went back to sleep. Woke up at 2, in an empty cold house...ate "breakfast" and then went to my aunt's house for a mother's day celebration thingy. Went to Bowie really late and got some Rita's. Went to the Nagrampa's house and sighed at a bunch of wrong answers on someone's CIS final.

Today I went to WBC and met up with Mike at the library. I haven't been at WBC for a while. I got to see Rolland. I also met Jerome and...another guy, who's a great singer. Mike, Rolland, and I went to Jerry's Subs and Pizza afterward. I took Rolland back to WBC. Now I'm home. And thus concludes the two week recap.

Thoughts? It's interesting learning about trials, and then when they actually come, it's harder than what was expected. We need to listen more to the Word before we fall into temptation, or else we would become an easy target for sin. Take time for prayer and reflection, and ask God for wisdom, which he will give abundantly to those who seek it.

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