Friday, August 14, 2009

Monthly Update

Plenty of things happened this month. I went to my first con, Otakon on top of that. I was alone most of the time, not because I was emo or anything of the sort, but because I could see everything and not be slowed down by anyone. I enjoyed, and maybe I'll go next year. More recently, my bro Josh came to MD with his roomie Ehrin, who went back to SD on Wednesday. Yesterday, Jeremy P and Rico slept over, and we went to Guitar Center in Rockville. Rico bought a Spyder III amp, and Jeremy got...a conga? Or whatever it's suppose to be...yeah. I'm going to head to Mr. P's cottage for an all-nighter. Yay.

I chose to update because...I gotta keep consistent with my hypothesis: daily updates become weekly, weekly updates become monthly. But since people aren't really paying attention to blogs now, I'll be posting more often just to keep track of time.

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