Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daily Post

Unfortunately, I was unable to post yesterday, due to myself reformatting my whole laptop. I finally got a new battery for it, so now I can actually use it as a laptop! Before I reformatted, my whole hard drive was one XP partition. Now, I got Ubuntu running, plus I have two different versions of XP, one for important things, like school and programming, and the other I guess...for games? I don't know yet. But I AM excited about actually using Jaunty Jackalope.

Yesterday I picked up Mr. Penya from the metro and dropped him off. I went to the gym for like an hour, and then went to IHOP with Matt, Milton, and Jeremy P. I stopped by Matt's house for a bit and watched them mess with Facebook, and finally played with some Nazi zombies.

Today I went to Sports Fit with Mark N., where we got to play tennis. Unfortunately we were cut short because the court was reserved. Mark showed me his arm workout...perfect timing, as I just did them the day before. It killed me, but it felt kinda good. We picked up Val from work, and ate at Pot Belly. We then went to a DC United soccer game. It rained hard for a bit, but it stopped. We got to see a full rainbow too. DC United beat the NJ Barons, 2-0. I chilled at the Nagrampa's house for a bit and got to see Milton and Mike. I'm now considering if I could...or should, go to Assateague tomorrow.

Thoughts? Hmm...I gotta make up my mind.

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