Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Recap

This week has been okay. I've been studying various things, from the usual nihongo while I drive, to Java and MySQL, to a lesson about antichrists (yes, plural) in 1 John 2, to some piano and some songs. I'm enjoying to learn a bunch of things, and hope it'll stick with me and that I would eventually have the chance to use these skills. Unfortunately I didn't get the internship because they were already one week in and did not have money, but I'm still motivated to study, now even more. Maybe next time I won't be in Cali and I'd have more time to focus. I'll be teaching Kuya Alan some guitar, so hopefully some day he could lead worship while playing guitar, although I think it'll take a good amount of time. I remember myself struggling so much at first, but now my hand does the work for me so I could think more about what I'm singing. Actually, today was supposed to be our first lesson, but he was...stuck in traffic or something. Consequently I missed my chance to go to Artomatic in DC, but I spent the time at the Wulff's killing zombie nazis.

Thoughts? I'm motivated to learn.


  1. "I'm enjoying learning a bunch of things*" perhaps? unless you meant you're enjoying so that you can learn a bunch of things. hehe. but then again, who dares to correct Jason the Great's writing? even if it sounds's prolly still right because Jay's the one who wrote it loolz

    i think that game encouraged a genuine fear in me for zombies...nazis or not.

  2. sweet people still read this...but yeah I play video games to prepare myself to learn a bunch of things, such as killing nazi zombies