Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily Log

So Thursday night was great. I went to the Porter's house; Myrrh taught Bible study on James 1:5-8, which is about asking for wisdom. Afterward, we ate for Kuya Allan's birthday. MJ let me borrow his Heelies, so I'm hoping I could be pro with them when he comes back from Florida. I slept over Mark R.'s house; Jeku came there from NC.

Today...technically yesterday, was a long day. After Meleeing with Jeku, Marker, and Rico, I went jogging with Jeku. The hill got me. But I'm looking forward to more hills. One day I'll defy gravity. We then went our separate ways. I went to some church in Clinton, and my church performed for their street ministry service. Great stuff. I went to Lizelle's house for Biblestudy, but I left before anything happened because Marker and Jeku are sleeping over my house right now. So here I am preparing for tomorrow, the Cherryblossom festival. I just want to get some nice sushi. And maybe I could pop that Hello Kitty float. That'd be fun, seeing Hello Kitty flying over DC.

Thoughts? None that I can think of right now.

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