Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daily Log

I woke up in the morning because I got cold, so I got another comforter and put it on top of my bed. It was so comfy. I slept well. I dropped off my prescriptions at CVS...I wonder if I really need to take the medication. Afterward, I went to pick up Rico. It was hard getting him out, because his mom and aunt were in the driveway and I didn't want to beep the horn or knock on the door while they were there. We headed to the Crofton bowling alley and met up with Matt, Myrrh, Kisha, Mary, and Tina, and we bowled two games. Well...kinda sorta. Afterward we went to BTC minus Myrrh, because she had to be at practice at 6PM. I got a spinach was yum. We all went to DEB and looked at some shoes, but unfortunately I didn't find any my size. I saw Jernie and Jensen and their friend...Deonte? I went to church for Sunday practice...we're doing like eight songs for Easter. Afterward Mike and I went to Matt's house, just to find a bunch of cars over at Lizelle's house. We went across the street and chilled at Lizelle's house for a while. And now I'm home, and was jamming to a song with my brother called Trouble, by Coldplay. Very simple. And I don't really like Coldplay. But it was aight.

Thoughts? My mouth stopped bleeding. But unfortunately it's starting to hurt. Other than that...I wanna get something to eat. Nothing really on my mind right now. Yawn.

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