Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Log

Got only four hours of sleep. Yawn. Took my bro to the endoscopy center. Went home. Picked him up. Went home. Went to Matt's house. Went to btc to pick up Cynthia and got some Chipotle and went to Allen's Pond and walked and talked and walked some more. Dropped her off back at btc. Went to pick up my cousin Noel. Took him to Grace Baptist. Went to VBFM for practice. Went to Liz's house. Saw adults through the windows, so didn't go inside. Went to McD's to meet up with Jeremy D. and Myrrh. Went back to Liz's house and went inside. Ate a bunch of fudge cookies. Took a nap on a bunch of chairs. Took Jeremy P. home. Took the Nobles home. Took myself home. About to get on the phone now.

Thoughts? Even though this is a pretty concise summary of my day, it's still kind of long. This has been a long day. Yawn. But it's been a great day.

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