Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daily Log

I woke up today. After I woke up, I got out of bed. Once I got out of bed, I stretched a bit, and started to walk my way upstairs. I took one step on a stair, then I took another, and then I took even more steps! I went to the kitchen. I took some antibiotics. I also realized today that people do read this thing, even though I get like one reply. I ate breakfast...I believe it was Cheerios, which may help lower cholesterol. I ate it with milk, and although it didn't fill me, it satisfied my hunger.

I recorded a song with my brother today...I was playing around, yet my brother still posted the video on Facebook. But it's aight, I guess. I went to pick up Stephen from his dorm in UMCP, and then picked up Rico from his house. We went to church and practiced. I got to talk to random people...interesting day, people just keep pulling me aside to talk about something. But I suppose it's a good thing, I wouldn't have it any other way. So yeah, we had Biblestudy continuing Matthew 5, which is about fulfilling the law, murder, adultery, and marriage. Probably more, but that's all that's coming on my mind. I got to meet Emily and Luke, both awesome people. Well at least for the little small talk that we had. Maybe I'll see them again, who knows. We went to Pizza Hut and had a mix up with our payments. My cousin Joe talked to Mary, and thought her stripper name was LaFawndia, but it's actually Jade. I had extra money, but Jade wasn't on her shift, so maybe next time. Just maybe. After that we chilled in the parking lot...and no cops came this time! A few of us went to Kisha's house and played some Naruto. Now I'm home...I missed the chance to go to the BP with Jeremy. Sigh. There will be a next time...hopefully. Now I'm home...just ate some ice cream, and now I have to sleep early because I'll be waking up early. Gnite.

Thoughts? I wonder when is Jade's next shift...

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