Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Log

These past two weeks of blogging is showing something interesting. I'm not posting on Sundays, although I DO want to post every day. Since this is becoming the norm, I guess I'll stick to it.

Yesterday has been a long day, just like the past few days. Jeku, Marker, and I went to VBFM, each using our different vehicles. I thought I had to teach because I was told last week that I would, but...nope! HTY had a joint service with Redeemer, so Matt and Jeremy P. came by.

I went back into the sanctuary and listened to a guest preacher. It was about understanding our problems and how we could win over them. It was on 2 Corinthians 4:7-12. I think it ties perfectly with our youth group's study on James, which is about counting our trials all joy, and seeking wisdom if we lack any. People who are in hard times are perfect candidates for miracles.

Afterward, I went with Jeremy P. to get some drinks at 7-11, and Jeku and Rico went to follow behind us, thinking that we were heading to the park. Jeremy and I walked inside Outback Steakhouse to try and trick the others where we were headed to. It didn't really work...they met up with us inside 7-11. We got our drinks and headed to the spot...the park. We played basketball, and I played a little tennis, and also helped very little with logarithms for Hannah's homework. Afterward we all went to Saigon and I got an A5 small. I went to the Nagrampa's house to play some Melee and make some Radwimp songs on the guitar with Milton, then went downstairs and slept on the couch.

Today, Monday, has been yet another long day. I woke up around 7 something because of the coldness. Someone put a blanket on nice. I went upstairs to practice some Melee, only to be greeted by Mark Nagrampa, who made the game not fun again...although I did learn some stuff. I went back to sleep downstairs after watching Enchanted. I went to Matt's house and jogged twice around his block, as I waited for him to finish cooking his food. He cooked good food...fried rice with some left over steak, and some corn beef with onions. Yum. After that we watched Yes Man. Good movie. After that we went to Planet Fitness, and Mike and Milton followed afterward. I signed dollar signup fee, plus $10 per month. Awesome stuff. I just have to remind myself to leave before October, in order to avoid the $29 annual fee.

Thoughts? I just had a bunch of loooooong few days. I need to take a breath or two. Yawn. I'm sleepy now. Hopefully I don't sleep over 13 hours again.


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  2. Sounds like you have some pretty fun evenful days!! :D

    Good to know you went running....WITHOUT ME >=[ *cry*

    And yay, I casted my spell on you mwhahaha