Friday, April 24, 2009

Daily Log

Yesterday, Comcast was acting up, so I was unable to post. I went to class, went to pick up Tony Dong, then went to bbs at Mike's house. We had a little meeting, and then went to Chik-Fil-A to take some heat. Went back to Mike's house, then went to gas up, and finally dropped of the Castelos.

Today, I got to see Brittnaaay, whom I haven't seen for like...a year. She introduced me to the anime club. They seemed like pretty chill people. I also got to see Tasha for a second. I brought Brittnayy (aka Yuki, by her club) to get Chik-Fil-A. Met a Brandon, Denise, Joseph...and I forgot the rest of the names. Went to btc and chilled at Music and Arts. My friend's mom who works there had to go home early because someone broke into their house. I went to deposit a check, and then went to Panera, where I saw Kuya Alan, and ate with him. Went to practice. Tina came by, so we went to Applebees to check up on Kish Kish. Saw Mary there too. Went to Ruby Tuesday's, but heard the Milton wasn't working. Went back to Applebees and got some...desserts and drinks. Dropped everyone off home...I felt like a taxi driver. Went to TenRens to see Matt Billy and Josh Kurikeishu, and then got some drinks and went home. Got to see my parent's new SUV that they bought today, a 2009 Rav 4. And that was my day.

Thoughts? My bro spoils me too much. He's paying for my tick to atf. And Tita Caroline spoils me too. I hear that she might pay for my tick to a Hillsong concert. I get spoiled too much. But I'm very grateful!


  1. Just another day in the life of the boss heh.

    But, Brittany?! Woah! Long time no see, indeed...

  2. lol i wish someone else besides my parents can pay for my tickets too! lol