Friday, April 10, 2009

Daily Log

I woke up with my mouth still in pain. My aunt came back from the Philippines today and brought some food. I went to pick up my antibiotics at CVS...I'm like two days late, but oh well. I went to Bowie and jogged with Tina through some random trail. Everybody in Bowie is so nice...just a smile or a wave, and they would respond in a similar manner. After running, we picked up a trashcan from the house and practiced some driving at the Bowie Baysox Stadium for Tina's driving test. Everything looks good...she'll pass the test easily. I think she could parallel park better than me. Afterward we jammed at her house...I know how to play the cello now! Well at least the C major scale. And Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! I also got to see awesome paintings throughout the house. After that I went to ateh Wenmae's house and got to see Theleah. She was playing Mario Party with Luis. I then went to Mike's house and ate there. We had biblestudy on James 1:9-11, which is about being literally rich or poor. Interesting discussions. Basically, having more money can be an obstacle, or relating to the other lessons, they are trials set before us. Especially in our culture, we rely on money so much that it would be hard to rely on God to carry us through. After biblestudy, we played pool and made some towers with dominos. Now I'm home...about to sleep.

Thoughts? My thoughts are fleeting me by the second. Per'aps I will never unlock my own mind. Oh...friendship came across my mind. A friend called me up, and asked me for some advice. Being a friend isn't just giving the advice, but also sympathizing and giving a shoulder to cry on. So yeah...sigh...friendship is hard work.


  1. heyyy you forgot about all the other different instruments lol! a wonderful crazy thing :]

  2. I forgot about the zither...that was the awesome

  3. Sheesh! What can't you play?

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  5. Sounds like a fun day haha!
    Yeah... Bowieians are quite friendly, indeed. You can talk with people without fear of being mugged! =D
    And yeah man... friendship is no joke. Im beginning to realize more about what bein a caring friend implies hehe(Especially in light of Christ's love). Ahhh, life experiences...

    (Fixed some incorrect grammar haha!)