Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily Log

Looooooooong day. Woke up around 7, went to Bowie to pick up Kisha, Mary, and Myrrh, and then headed to the metro. There was a long line, but the other guys were at the front already. I also helped out Irene and Eric and their friend...I forgot her name. We went to DC and saw the parade...the best part of it was seeing Alex Trebek. That made my day. After that, we headed to the Sakura Matsuri festival. I wandered around...went to see some judo. Wandered around some some suave cherry blossom body wash, and passed the offer on the free hand massage. Tried to look for dongos...apparently Jeku and I passed it several times. Jeku and I didn't want to wait in these long we went to the food court to eat some gyros. Yeah, gyros for a Japanese fest is awesome. I saw a man...girl...girly man...maybe a girl...playing a sax inside the food court. Really relaxing. Afterward we headed our separate ways; Matt and Jeku went to see the cherry blossoms, while I got to see Ai Kawashima. Afterward I saw American Shorthair perform, and I asked a question in the Q&A session, but apparently it was already asked. Oh well. I went to our meeting spot: the obelisk, then headed to see Mark G., then went back to the obelisk. We went back on the Metro.

I went to take Myrrh home, then went to Bowie Town Center...I ordered a strawberry Julius, which was introduced to me by Tina. Matt, kuya John, Mary, Tina and I bothered Mike as he got off work. I dropped off Kisha at work. We went back to btc. I saw Yip on his lunch break. I then went to drop Mary off at Outback Steakhouse, with Aaron, Milton, Jeremy, and Tina. I headed to Rockville to eat authentic ramen with Jeku and my brother. It was yum. We also got some green tea snowball with red bean stuffs. After that, I headed home. Now I'm just yawning, trying to finish this blog.

Thoughts? Some days I just wish I had someone to hold. It was windy today, so it'd probably keep me warm. But good thing I'm blessed with great friends. They could keep me warm too.


  1. Of course, Ill be always be there to keep you warm :)

    And Im glad you had a fun day!

  2. Awww... you couldve held me. I was warm enough for 2 people =(

    Haha ahhh... but awesome stuff man! As I mentioned to you once... I love seeing stuff from other people point of views! Thanks for the post =D