Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Log

Today I went to the gym and met up with Rico, Mike, Emilio, and Jeremy P., and we worked out for...a while. We then headed to Danny's and were a little bummed out because of the $8 minimum charge for credit cards, which in the state of MD is illegal to have a minimum the last time I checked...but I don't want to argue about it with them. I got a foot long crab cake sub, and only finished half of it. Right now I'm in class, talking about arrays.

Thoughts? I hope the other half of my sub is okay in the car. I miss it. I'm also thinking about my thoughts, and realized my thoughts are about what I'm thinking of what my thoughts are. My head hurts.


  1. I miss my shoes. I'll be sure to come in May to pick them up. =)

  2. ...
    I want that crabcake sub o_o

  3. I ordered it with you in mind